Why Double Bond House Spa

Double Bond House Spa provides an exceptional accommodation experience in Gaziosmanpaşa, the center of Ankara city, combining the classical architectural patterns with comfort and luxury in a harmonious way that you will feel at home. In addition to the Spa, Sports Center and Massage Parlor services are available for the customers as well.

Located 4 km away from Kızılay and 30 km. from Esenboğa Airport and in Bağlar Avenue, where public transportation opportunities are available, Double Bond House Spa will allow you to experience all the energy and entertainment in Ankara.

Double Bond House Spa facility has 16 studios of 35 m2 while 4 of them offer terrace experience as well. Since comfort and care were taken into consideration when decorating the rooms, all the necessary equipment is available in the rooms for you to enjoy.

An architecture that creates a difference combining the details designed for your happiness, a lifestyle that enriches your soul with an elegant and sophisticated decoration as well as enjoyable privileges…